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Asus P4S333-VM x1 Socket 478 motherboard (*1)

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Asus P4S333-VM x1 Socket 478 motherboard. *** (See Caveat) SiS650 chipset. 3 PCI, 1 4X AGP and 2 DDR DIMM slots. On-Board audio, video and LAN.

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This is a Used Motherboard ASUS P4S333-VM x1 from a working system.

*1: There is a minor crack in the top side of the CPU socket, but as far as we could tell, this only affected the unlock position. When unlocking the CPU, a gentle push is needed on the end of the Socket to fully release the tension holding the CPU. Other than that, the system worked as expected.

ASUS P4S333-VM x1 Product highlights

Latest processor technology

The Asus P4S333-VM x1 motherboard supports the latest Intel Pentium 4 478/Northwood Processor, also known as P4, via a 478-pin surface mount ZIF socket. The Pentium 4 processor utilizes the advanced 0.18 micron processor core in FC-PGA2 package for a 2.0GHz frequency, while the Northwood processor uses the 0.13 micron processor core with 512KB L2
cache for up to a speedy 2.4+GHz frequency. The P4 offers optimized performance for audio, video, and Internet applications. See page 2-4.

DDR memory support

Employing the Double Data Rate (DDR) memory technology, the Asus P4S333-VM x1 motherboard supports up to 2GB of system memory using PC2100/1600 DDR DIMMs to deliver the required bandwidth for the latest 3D graphics, multimedia, and Internet applications.

Digital audio interface (on audio models only)

On audio models, a digital audio connector is onboard to accommodate the Sony/Philips Digital Interface (S/PDIF) Out module, which supports coaxial interfaces. Experience 5.1-channel surround sound and enhanced 3D audio while playing DVDs and computer games.

Onboard audio feature (on audio models only)

A CS4299 AC97 CODEC is onboard to support AC97 compliant audio devices.

Onboard LAN (on LAN models only)

The motherboard incorporates the ICS 1893Y LAN PHY chip to support 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet networking.

Smart Card Reader support

A special connector for the Smart Card Reader comes onboard to support the cutting-edge technology for increased security in authenticating online transactions, editing IC-based information, and a lot more.


The P4S333-VM x1 overclocking features:

adjustable CPU frequency multiple in BIOS using the ASUS JumperFree solution
adjustable FSB/MEM frequency ratio
Stepless Frequency Selection (SFS) for fine-tuning system bus frequency from 100MHz up to 166MHz at 1MHz increments
optimized system performance through BIOS built-in optimization mode


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